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Web content needed!  Any memories, photos, whatever…?


But first, you gotta get these!


Jim Shulman (of Jim's House of Shoes and the Carousel project) has a wonderful Pittsfield retrospect books, look here


We have a date, Sunday Oct 21, and we have the start of a local committee. Nan Bookless and Kathy Frahm Massimiano with Robert Geller consulting/treasurer. Linda Goodrich and Judi Lazerus will be tele-commuting for the database and mailings, reservations.

We'll need to meet relatively soon to determine/explore the menu and other aspects of the Sunday event. Music, Decorations, etc. It looks like the cost will be around $60 per person including taxes, tip and facilities fees.

Saturday I'm hoping we can have a "Social Only" reunion at minimal expense. The Class of 1967 did this last year at Bousquet and it was a great success. If you can't make it Sunday, try for Saturday. Cost will be $10-$15 range pp.

Also Saturday I'd like to have a tour of PHS at 10AM and suggest a donation of around $10pp to go to a PHS organization. Usually the tour is by students. All good kids!

Tour of the Colonial Theatre?

If you are local and want to serve on this committee, let us know. If you aren't local, feel free to send your ideas for discussion.

Where should we meet? When?

If you are not on Facebook, keep an eye on this page. We have not set the final fees, heck we haven't had a meeting yet! I'll post a registration form her for download and on Facebook with all information and the name and address to send it to.

Join us at our Facebook page:

Link to Facebook page

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Our 45th reunion is in 2013, contact Linda Goodrich or Judi Lazerus

For the 2013 45th reunion information click here


Names and Addresses please!!!

à Submit your data by filling out a form here ß
note: you can use this form to submit data for other classmates you know of.

List of classmates we need an email address for here. Please give us your everyday email address that you use and will keep, not one that you do not use and will go bad!



PHS Class of 1968 yearbook (low res version of the CD)
PDF available for free at this website home:   http://www.phs1968.com

For the 2008 40th reunion (already happened) information click here
(now includes links to photos of the events)

See who came to the 2008 reunion here and read correspondence from classmates.

There is a Facebook group for our class.
Pittsfield High School Class of 1968 (MAssachusetts)

Class of 1968 Yahoo group discussions (free) click here
List of Yahoo group members removed on April 20, 2008 because their email addresses were bouncing here

PHS Class of 1968 yearbook on CD information

Sample CD yearbook demo file here (30MB)

List of Missing Classmates click here
Help needed to relocate present Yahoo group members!

 Pittsfield High School alumni directory information click here

Join the official (and very cool) PHS Alumni site here

Past/Mini reunions click here

NEW addition (Feb 2005) Photos page01 click here

Remember when…

Links to other sites click here

Links to our classmates’ websites click here


Facebook group! "Pittsfield High School Class of 1968 (MAssachusetts)"
follow this link: Join Facebook PHS1968 group


New Photo Section!

Pittsfield Schools

NJHS 1965 Photo book Thanks Dave O’Neil

SJHS 1965 Photo book Thanks Ray Frenkel

Crosby 1965 Photo book - still needed (if there is one)!!

Jets Florida Trip

Berkshires Historical Photos


For the 2003 35th reunion information click here

Attendees of 2003 reunion click here

Photos of the 2003 tour of PHS and the reunion itself click here


Photos from Glen Bassett over the time of his deployment in Iraq

Other Photos from our classmates

Fun Items!

Remember when….




Website courtesy of Clark W. Nicholls, PHS 1968 CWNicholls@aol.com




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