Pittsfield High School Class of 1968
Pittsfield Massachusetts High School Class of 1968
PHS Class of 1968
Pittsfield MA 1968

This page contains a list of those intending to attend the upcoming 40th reunion June 21, 2008

Read beyond that list for tidbits from classmates!

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Classmates planning to attend:











































































































































Notes from classmates:

Contact_FirstName: Paul

Contact_LastName: Mazur

Contact_MiddleInitial: M


Contact_Spouse: Kathy

status: Married to Kathy Ferreira 36 years(also a 1968 PHS graduate) retired Air Force Air traffic control,graduate of UNLV Nuclear Medicine.  Kathy also a graduate of UNLV with a degree in nursing. 2 children, 5 grandchildren.  Hope to be able to visit with you at the reunion if work schedules allow.

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Kathy

Contact_LastName: Mazur

Contact_MiddleInitial: M

Contact_MaidenName: Ferreira

Contact_Spouse: Paul

Contact_City: Kernersville

Contact_State: North Carolina

Contact_ZipCode: 27284

Contact_Country: USA

status: Married Paul Mazur,36 years now.  We met in 3rd grade and in 5th grade he told his dad he was going to marry me.  I love him to this.  I am blessed that this wonderful person chose me.  We have 2 children a boy Shane(an air traffic controller in Houston Texas),married with 2 children and a daughter in California,mother of 2 and married to a naval officer. We are hoping to be able to take part in our 40th reunion.  Hope to see you all there.


IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Contact_FirstName: karen

Contact_LastName: salzarulo

Contact_MiddleInitial: j

Contact_City: bridgeport

Contact_State: ct

Contact_ZipCode: 06605

status: two daughters

Gina a senior at University of Michigan Ann Arbour Aria a freshman at University of Colorado Boulder Ihave a busy private pratice with part time work at the norwalk hospital emergency room balancing work with rowing crew competatively

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Yearbook_on_CD: on

Contact_FirstName: George

Contact_LastName: Nagelschmidt

Contact_MiddleInitial: D

Contact_Spouse: Kathleen

Contact_City: Dalton

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01227

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Michael

Contact_LastName: Mougin

Contact_MiddleInitial: C


Contact_Spouse: Beth Mougin

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

Contact_FirstName: Carol

Contact_LastName: Conover

Contact_MiddleInitial: M

Contact_MaidenName: Conover

Contact_Spouse: Saffrie

Contact_City: Amersfoort

Contact_Country: The Netherlands

Contact_FirstName: Carol

Contact_LastName: O'Grady

Contact_MiddleInitial: A

Contact_MaidenName: Williams

Contact_City: PITTSFIELD

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Christopher

Contact_LastName: Healy

Contact_MiddleInitial: P

Contact_Spouse: Brenda (Marchell)

Contact_City: Glenwood

Contact_State: Maryland

Contact_ZipCode: 21738

Contact_FirstName: Philip

Contact_LastName: Adriance

Contact_MiddleInitial: J


Contact_Spouse: Lori

Contact_City: Windsor

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01270

status: co-owner of Ski Fanatics ski shop in Pittsfield and co-owner of a

charter sailing business in Tortola, BVI

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Yearbook_on_CD: on

Contact_FirstName: Ava

Contact_LastName: Zukowsky


Contact_MaidenName: Stahm

Contact_Spouse: Paul Zukowsky

Contact_City: Armonk

Contact_State: NY

Contact_ZipCode: 10504

Contact_Country: US

Contact_FirstName: Sandi

Contact_LastName: Reeder

Contact_MiddleInitial: A

Contact_MaidenName: Harris

Contact_Spouse: Jerry

Contact_City: Tijeras

Contact_State: NM

Contact_ZipCode: 87059

Contact_Country: USA

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Yearbook_on_CD: on

Contact_FirstName: Tony

Contact_LastName: DiCenzo

Contact_Spouse: Carolyn

Contact_City: Pepperell

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01463

status: Recently relocated back to Massachusetts from California to be

nearer family. mailing address is temporary while we build a house. Still

working for Oracle, office now in Nashua NH.

Contact_FirstName: Patricia

Contact_LastName: Pellegrino

Contact_MiddleInitial: H

Contact_MaidenName: Hall

Contact_Spouse: Franco Pellegrino

Contact_City: West Stockbridge

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01266

status: I'm currently the Program Director at the Pediatric Development

Center in Pittsfield, MA. I've been there for almost 20 yrs. Have a

Master's of Education in Special Ed. ages birth to age six years of age.

(Early Intervention)Graduated from Antioch-New England.

Married for 33 years, Franco and I have a daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, who

lives and works in Manhattan for Carnegie Hall. She's 30 now.

Thanks for doing all this work for the class!


IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Deborah

Contact_LastName: Wilson

Contact_MiddleInitial: A

Contact_MaidenName: Wilson

Contact_City: Charlestown

Contact_State: Rhode Island

Contact_ZipCode: 02813

status: I've become quite the craftswoman over the years... I design,

create and sell silver and beaded jewelry.  My business name is: LET IT

BEad (good ole Beatles), and I am presently working on a website that

should be up soon.  My children are grown with kids of their own.  Now

they know how difficult it is to parent, and I can now sit back to watch

it all.  Shaun is 35, and has two sons.  Amy is 31, and has a daughter and

son.  So... "Life is Good..."  "I do what I like, and I like what I do!"

Is there anymore in life???

Contact_FirstName: Kathleen

Contact_LastName: Connor

Contact_MiddleInitial: M

Contact_MaidenName: Connor

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: noreen

Contact_LastName: landry

Contact_MiddleInitial: a

Contact_MaidenName: Croce

Contact_Spouse: Tom Landry

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: Ma

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

status: Still live in Pittsfield and have been married for 36 yrs.

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Ingeborg (Inge)

Contact_LastName: Chapin


Contact_MaidenName: Jursitzka

Contact_City: St. Paul

Contact_State: Minnesota

Contact_ZipCode: 55118

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Armond

Contact_LastName: Bordeau

Contact_MiddleInitial: A


Contact_Spouse: Kathleen E. Fitch

Contact_City: Apopka

Contact_State: Florida

Contact_ZipCode: 32703

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: George

Contact_LastName: Johnson, Jr. Ph.D.

Contact_MiddleInitial: L

Contact_City: Temple

Contact_State: GA

Contact_ZipCode: 30179

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Contact_FirstName: Vera

Contact_LastName:  Cartier


Contact_MaidenName: Litano

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: Ma

Contact_ZipCode: 01202

Contact_URL: www.moonlightandlace.com

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Contact_FirstName: Richard

Contact_LastName: Smith

Contact_MiddleInitial: H

Contact_Spouse: Patricia Tocco

Contact_City: Vass

Contact_State: NC

Contact_ZipCode: 28394

status: Have lived in NC since 1990

Work at Sandhills Community College

Dean of Institutional Advancement

Still live "in the country" - have farm, horses etc - much like my

childhood growing up.

BA Syracuse University - 1972

MS Boston University - 1974

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Yearbook_on_CD: on

Contact_FirstName: Frank

Contact_LastName: Papa

Contact_MiddleInitial: A

Contact_Spouse: Joan

Contact_City: Cary

Contact_State: NC

Contact_ZipCode: 27518

status: Chariman and Chief Executive Office Signature Aluminum Revenues $350M

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Michael

Contact_LastName: Polchlopek

Contact_MiddleInitial: J

Contact_City: Woodstock

Contact_State: Georgia

Contact_ZipCode: 30188

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Jim

Contact_LastName: Fulginiti

Contact_City: Nyack

Contact_State: NY

Contact_ZipCode: 10960

status: Sr. Research Scientist at Wyeth Vaccines Research

son Joseph (1985) graduates from Manhattanville College in 2007

daughter Alyssa (1987) lives in San Antonio

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Contact_FirstName: Carl

Contact_LastName: Burridge

Contact_City: Groveland

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01834-2212

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Peter

Contact_LastName: Ziemba

Contact_MiddleInitial: J

Contact_City: Omaha

Contact_State: NE

Contact_ZipCode: 68137

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Yearbook_on_CD: on

Contact_FirstName: Robert

Contact_LastName: Graham

Contact_MiddleInitial: J

Contact_City: Fenton

Contact_State: MO

Contact_ZipCode: 63026

status: Spouse:  Alice

Children: Evelyn Kelley Graham, Caitlin Irene Graham

IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Contact_FirstName: Raymond

Contact_LastName: Frenkel

Contact_MiddleInitial: S

Contact_Spouse: Margaret A.

Contact_City: Amherst

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01002

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Dave

Contact_LastName: Lusignan

Contact_Spouse: Chris Vandergrift Lusignan

Contact_City: Houston

Contact_State: TX

Contact_ZipCode: 77024

status: We are both members of the PHS Class of 1968 and moved back to the

States last year from Brussels. Please update our info.

Thanks, Chris

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Peter

Contact_LastName: Burdett

Contact_MiddleInitial: S

Contact_Spouse: Susie

Contact_City: Bow

Contact_State: NH

Contact_ZipCode: 03304

Contact_URL: http://fa.ml.com/peter_bu

status: http://fa.ml.com/peter_burdett

Website as a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor

Call me on the 800 # if you can't find Jeff or Joyce Cadorette.

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: Jim

Contact_LastName: Briggs

Contact_City: Scottsdale

Contact_State: AZ

Contact_ZipCode: 85262

IWillAttendReunions: on

type: contactform

Contact_FirstName: Linda

Contact_LastName: Torrey

Contact_MiddleInitial: M

Contact_MaidenName: Farina

Contact_Spouse: Donald

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

status: I have been married to Don for 38 years.  Our daughter Lisa lives in California with her children Tori & Ty.  Our son lives in Pittsfield Ma. with his family Ethan & Rachel. 

I am retired for the School Dept. after 23 years and my husband will be retiring at the end of May.  Our plan is to live our dreams traveling in our Motor Home.  Memories make what we are.  Dreams make what we’ll be. Hope to attend the class reunion if we are not out of town traveling with the Motor Home.

IWillAttendReunions: on

Contact_FirstName: chris

Contact_LastName: digiano

Contact_MiddleInitial: m

Contact_MaidenName: locke

Contact_Spouse: mike

Contact_City: west falmouth

Contact_State: ma

Contact_ZipCode: 02574

status: married,4 children, three grandchildren.

working as a nursing supervisor at local hospital.

Contact_FirstName: Joyce

Contact_LastName: Fargnoli

Contact_MiddleInitial: M

Contact_MaidenName: Turner

Contact_Spouse: Arthur

Contact_City: Albany

Contact_State: NY

Contact_ZipCode: 12205

Contact_FirstName: Mark

Contact_LastName: Lipton

Contact_City: Middlefield

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 012432

Contact_URL: (under re-construction)

status: Management professor, consultant and author in New York City by weekday; sheep farmer in Middlefield on weekends.

Will be working on a new book about crazy entrepreneurs in early 2009 while working and living p/t in Stockbridge at Austen Riggs Center. Riggs seems like an appropriate place to visit with old PHS classmates; stop by!

No children (that I know of).

IWillAttendReunions: on

Hi Judy,


I am unable to attend the reunion because I have a commitment to a wedding in Vermont and obviously cannot do both.  I was disappointed to find that both events would be on the same day, but can't do much about it.  The wedding is actually a whole weekend of events, and we have rented a house, etc., so no way to really combine the two.  I would welcome the opportunity to catch up with classmates after 40 (!) years (can this be possible!) but it isn't going to happen this year.


Thanks to all of you who work so hard on these events.  Not an easy task.  I hope the event is a great success.


Mary Beth Phair


Contact_FirstName: Toni-Jo

Contact_LastName: Dalman (aka Blewitt)


Contact_MaidenName: Blewitt

Contact_Spouse: James Dalman

Contact_City: Juneau

Contact_State: Alaska

Contact_ZipCode: 99801

status: I have two daughters: Grace, 21, who is graduating this Spring from California College of the Arts, in Interior Architecture.

The other daughter is Rena, 20, who is a sophomore in college. She is transitioning right now. She has already attended three colleges! She's a spitfire.

I have retired from a school district job of 15 years as administrator of special education. I spent 15 years before that as a school psychologist. I am currently doing "odd" jobs: teaching at a local university, training teachers in conflict resolution and de-escalation, and training/facilitating schools and districts on how to adopt schoolwide positive behavioral supports. And I am learning to golf. So, that's my current obsession.


Contact_FirstName: Kathleen

Contact_LastName: Johnson-McDonough

Contact_MiddleInitial: A

Contact_MaidenName: Johnson

Contact_Spouse: Edward

Contact_City: Bethel

Contact_State: CT

Contact_ZipCode: 06801

status: Ben, Sara, Heather and Kristin


IWillAttendReunions: on

I am sorry to miss the 40th Reunion, but I have an event in Chicago that weekend.  Please extend my best regards to everyone.


Joan Boivin Hunter


Sad to say I will be in Salt Lake City for a meeting that weekend, so I guess I’ll have to wait until 2018!!  And I think I “graduated” from Dawes too – I went to 6 different elementary schools while they built Williams!

Mark Hertel

from Jess Kielman.

Judy...I had the forms all filled out and was so looking forward to going with Gayle...but on 4/2 my department at Canyon Ranch was eliminated...19 years and POOF, gone...I'm piecing together my new "career" but have had to cut way back...please express my regrets...hope all is well with you...Jess

Contact_FirstName: Jess "BJ"

Contact_LastName: Kielman


Contact_MaidenName: Kielman

Contact_Spouse: Gayle

Contact_City: Pittsfield

Contact_State: MA

Contact_ZipCode: 01201

Contact_URL: www.onotaarts.com

status: I have been with Gayle for 17 years. We have two children, Rebecca (mine, 28) who just got married in March, and Devin (hers) who is going to BCC for now, later a film school. Gayle and I used to lecture on Feng Shui at Canyon Ranch but last month (4/08) they eliminated our department. I did Tarot, Astrology, Graphology, and various lectures for nearly 19 years. I now doing all that from my home and trying to find new venues. I have more time now to find a publisher for a self-help book we wrote about a car accident that Gayle and Devin were involved in 6/01. Life is never boring!


IWillAttendReunions: on

Yahoo_group68: on

Hi Linda,


I'm not sure that I'll be here on reunion weekend, but, just in case I am, sign me up for two ($100).  I'll mail it in the next day or two.


My daughter just completed her 3rd yr. of Vet. School, at Atlantic Vet. College, UPEI, Canada.  At the beginning of June, she's off to Arizona for a week of veterinary volunteer service, on an Indian Reservation, then she returns to Canada.  Since I last saw her at Christmas, we've been trying to coordinate schedules so that I can visit her in June, when she has a few minutes of free time from classes/clinics, etc.  It's going to be either the 2nd or 3rd week in June.  Was hoping to have the time  confirmed by now, but it hasn't been,  so if I'm not in Canada, I'll be at the reunion.


Hope it works out so that I can attend the reunion.

Will check out the web site, in the interim.


Peter Nikitas

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for your ongoing eforts with this over the years. My wife, Linda and I will be there will be there with bells on-yikes, maybe not! but we will be there anyway. I saw a few of the band people on the list- I'll see if I can scare up a few others. Wouldn't an appearance by Floyd Lancia be a hoot!

Your check is going out tomorrow. I hope all is well with you.


Best Regards,


John Reid



I receive the e-mails from the 1968 PHS Group from a friend so I keep up

with your class.  I actually went to St Joe and graduated from there in

1968.  But I did go to Dawes in 5th and 6th grades and South Jr High as you

did.  I was in Ms Bakers 6th grade class with you.  Actually I lived at 33

Livingston Ave and delivered the Eagle to your house for a couple of years!


I remember many folks on that street...Yarmey, Drennan, Christophilis,

Atkinson, Jaffe, Goldstein, Shaw, Stewart, Belland, Bullock, Sturgis, Roy,

etc.  I could go on!  It was a great street.


My son John actually was in the last class to attend all six years at Dawes

and graduate.  He had Ms. Baker and so did two of my sisters.  I ran into

her one day a couple of years ago on the rail trail and she not only

remembered me very well but my son and sisters as well.  She was great.

Whenever I am asked the question...who was my favorite teacher...without

hesitation I say Elinor Baker.  She was the best.


I am trying to remember those in that class.  There was Mike DiNicola, Steve

Cross, Maria Gasbarrone, Bob Gellar, yourself...I know I was there.  Wish I

could remember more but anyway it was one of my favorite years in school.


Regarding your search for teacher names...there was a Mrs Prout 2nd grade,

wasn't there a Mrs Smith also...I think 4th grade.


Anyway, nice talking to you and glad to hear you are doing well.  I would

appreciate it if you could keep me in your e-mail list.


Take care,



David E. Hinkell

I am SO DISAPPOINTED to miss the re-union! We will be in Chicago that weekend at a surprise 70th birthday party for a dear friend, as well as moving our daughter out of Chicago. She is graduating from U of Chicago the weekend before.
Please send my regards to everyone. I live in Williamstown and would love to hear from some of my classmates. It looks like you have planned a great weekend, and I am very sorry to miss it.
Joan Boivin Hunter

Just wanted to ask you to take my name off the ‘intending to come’ list since I can’t make it.

 I didn’t know how to add something to ‘notes from classmates’ so here’s my entry:

 I’m disappointed not to see everyone after all these years going our own ways, but I work until early July and can’t skip over to Pittsfield for a weekend from here. Life has been eventful and adventurous in the years between 1968 and now. Almost 11 years ago I moved to Holland where I studied carillon (look it up), researched 16th century bells in Belgium for a doctoral candidate, cleaned houses and babysat, until I finally spoke enough Dutch to be allowed legitimate work. I have been translating from Dutch to English and editing materials on a freelance basis for a number of years now and in the past 3 years, have been teaching English at a college in Amsterdam in their Maritime, IT, E-technology, Economics, Logistics and International departments. The advantage to working here, is that part-time work is easily obtained. No more 40 hour weeks which means there’s time to enjoy living and traveling. We also have more school vacations. I haven’t taught previously, but am enjoying the change in career. Two years ago my book, Amersfoort Fragments of time, was published and quickly translated into Dutch. Occasionally, I give walking tours to tourists, as well.

 Enjoy the reunion weekend. After having traveled and lived in many places, I have come to appreciate growing up in Pittsfield. Life was a lot less complicated and our quality of life outstanding.

 Best wishes, Carol Conover, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Please add my name to the list of those who would love to attend and cannot.  My oldest daughter is getting married next month and guess who has to come up with alot of the funds.  I live in Los Angeles, so it's not right around the corner, either.
I grew up way out West St., went to Pomeroy, across the street from the park where the track was.  I remember watching Mark Belanger fielding ground balls....and late in his pro career, he joined the Dodgers, so that was a thrill to tell everyone he was from Pittsfield.
I had a crush on Paula LeConte all the way through school and sat in front of Karen Coy in HS history class and remember thinking how gorgeous she was.  Haha.  I was always attracted to brainiacs.
Another memory was on the track team and I was fast, but how Paul Metallo could just leave everyone in the dust.  The high school football games were so much fun.  I always admired Tom Barry's athleticism and that he was just a good guy, too.
Have a great time everyone.  Someone should write a synopsis of all the events and post it for all of us to read that can't attend.
Kerk Brown

It is with regret that I am unable to make the 40th reunion but wanted to send my best along to all who can and do. My calendar simply isn’t being cooperative around this date.


By way of update, 9 years ago I sold my physical therapy practice to a local healthcare system just outside of Philadelphia and retired from healthcare. I have since been doing commercial real estate development. I am the single Dad of 16 and 14 year old girls and an 11 year old son. (Some of you just fell to the floor but I hope were close enough to a phone to dial 911)


I have been just outside of Philadelphia since 1974 and love it here. I still get back to the Berkshires whenever I can. Best wishes to all who make it back……have a great time!


Jeff  Cadorette

Dear PHS Class:

It has been very pleasant reading everyone's remarks about the upcoming 40th reunion. Amazing to think we have lived so long! Hopefully, all of you have lived it well and are attending in good health.

I will be unable to attend this reunion, but send my very best regards. I still have ties to
Pittsfield as my Mom is still living there; my Dad passed away in 2003.

I live in
Seattle with my husband, Bill Otterman. We have a 26 year old son, Simon. I am the Manager for Outreach and Research Services for the law firm of Heller Ehrman LLP.

Perhaps I will make the 45th.

The very best regards to all.

Brenna Louzin


Paul and I will miss seeing our old friends at
PHS . We can only hope for our 50th!!

Paul and I (Kathy Ferreira) married in 1971 and left
Pittsfield the day after our wedding and headed to Texas. Paul spent the next 20 years in the Air Force as an air traffic controller. He retired from the Air Force in Las Vegas, Nevada went to UNLV and graduated with a degree in Nuclear Med. I had graduated from UNLV earlier with a degree in  Nursing.

We have two children, Shane is 34 years old married with 3 children.

Our daughter, Karrie is 31,married and has 2 children .

Our life is blessed.

Enjoy, be happy and we hope to see you in 10 years.

Kathy Ferreira Mazur and Paul Mazur, class of "1968"

Gruntings and Salivations. from Peter Nikitas.


Decided that it was finally time to attend a reunion, and to join this illustrious group. Re: groups; Groucho Marx once said, "I wouldn't want to belong to any group that would have me as a member.". I missed the last reunion as it was the weekend I cleaned the catbox. The one before that, I was stuck on the International Space Station as a lab experiment. In the interim I've been gainfully employed as a Crash Test Dummy and a Professional Clothesline Stringer. Beginning on Jan 21, 2009, I'm heading to Texas to organize the Presidential Library. One of the coloring books is completed, the other should be done by that date. I was chosen for this position owing to the job I did at Bubba Clinton's Library, where I created the "Devil With The Blue Dress On/Off" exhibit.


I did a quick read of all 3594 posts - right! - to the phs1968 site. Was pleased to see the names of so many people I haven't seen, or heard about, in...40 years. Don't get out much, here at the monastery. Most recently, I saw Clark Nicholls, when I was dragged - drugged beforehand - to the phs1967 reunion. At that time, I told him I'd attend the '68 reunion. I thought I might not be able to make it. My daughter, Tatiana, just completed her 3rd yr. at Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI, Canada. In early June she does a one week veterinary volunteer program, on an Indian Reservation in Arizona, then she returns to Canada for classes and clinics. Since I haven't seen her since christmas, we were trying to find a "slow" time in her schedule, so that I could visit her for a week. Fortunately, I saw her two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was for her grandmother's, my mother's, wake and funeral.


So, we decided to put off Canada until later in the year, and I will be attending the reunion.


Read a post that suggested a golf get together. Great idea! I don't play golf, any more. Quit playing when that Tiger kid kept beating me. To paraphrase Mark Twain, "Golf is a terrible waste of a good walk." Rule out skiing in June. Anyone for tennis? From the first mild days of spring until the snow flies, I try to play just about every day; singles, doubles, mixed doubles, Bosnian doubles.


Hope to hear from each, and every one, of you.

Regards to all.


I am sorry to say that I will not be attending the reunion. I have not been able to make this happen. I really would love to see everyone and truly appreciate the effort you have put into making it happen. I wish that I was going to be there.
Send my best wishes to one and all,


I've been planning to attend the 40th, but will not be able to make it to Pittsfield that weekend. Please send my best wishes to those who attend.

I currently live in Nyack, NY, a small village about 30 min from NYC.  I work at Wyeth Vaccines as a Sr. Research Scientist in the Clinical Testing Department.  I've worked at Wyeth for almost 22 years, originally in Rochester, NY.  Before that, I taught German at a high school outside of Rochester for 10 years.  Been an interesting career!

My son Joe is teaching in Hong Kong on a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship.  He's been studying Mandarin and Cantonese.  I got to spend a week in December with him in Munich, Germany (where I studied for 2 yrs way back when).  He's flying back the 1st week of July.

My daughter Alyssa lives with me.  She's just finished her 1st semester at Rockland Community College and made high honors.  It's great to have her here, we do a lot of activities together.

I'm not far from the Berkshires, and make day-trips to see my aunts in North Adams.  Would like to meet up with some friends from
PHS on one of my trips.  I'm sure there's a directory of names, addresses, and phone numbers someplace on the 1968 website.  I'll have to check it.

Best Wishes to All,
Jim Fulginiti


Dear Linda:

First, my apologies for the tardy response but I won't be able to attend our number forty.  I'm embarrassed to say that the last reunion I attended was number twenty and that seems like it was just last year!  There is hope, however, for future events so keep the invitations coming.  My sincere thanks to you for organizing these get-togethers for so many years.

Our two sons, Seth and Scott, are in their mid and late twenties now so our homestead here in northern California is maintained by me and Ellen, my wife of 36 years.  A year ago we were blessed by the birth of our grandson, Jeremiah, to parents, Scott and Heidi.  We are fortunate that they live only two hours away so we visit often.

Through various twists and turns, my career finds me currently working as vice president of engineering for a high-tech startup company in Santa Rosa.  I'm fortunate to be working alongside friends whom I have known for many years.  I'm hoping that this will be my last gig and I'm looking forward to retiring within the next five years.

My ties to Pittsfield are growing weaker.  My mother, who was a widow for thirty five years, remarried at the young age of eighty-five, believe it or not.  We sold the old homestead on Benedict Road a few years ago and she moved to her husband's home in central Pennsylvania.  I try to keep up with Pittsfield news as best I can but the 3000 miles between takes its toll.

I've attached a picture of us with the two boys taken just a few years ago at Scott's wedding.  That's me on the left, and, yes, I have actually become more handsome since the picture was taken.

The home address you have for me is correct.  Here's some additional contact info. (one of these days I'll update my contact info. on the
PHS website):

Christopher Hall, P.E.
VP Engineering
Sirrus Technology, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-1027

Take care Linda.  Please give my best wishes to all my friends at the reunion.




Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion.  I was in Pittsfield last month visiting relatives but the timing on the reunion doesn't work for June.

I live in Cary, NC and have been in North Carolina for over 21 yrs with prior stints in Albany, NY, Dallas, TX, Louisville, KY, North Andover, MA and Madisonville, KY.  My 3 kids and 2 grandkids all live in the area which makes us fortunate.  I work for a Private Equity company, managing their portfolio companies.  Currently I am running an Aluminum extrusion company with sites throughout the US and Canada.


Please give my best to our classmates.


Frank Papa

Hello all –

I am so sorry but I must cancel our attendance at the reunion next weekend. We are in the process of trying to start a self storage facility down here in St. Bernard Parish (Louisiana) and things are not going as smoothly as we had hoped. We were really looking forward to all the activities and renewing friendships as we did 5 years ago – I think my husband (Clay) almost feels like he is part of our class after the last reunion –

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – we will be there in spirit and look forward to seeing pictures!

Paula (LoConte) and Clay Frazier

Hi Everyone,


I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend the 40th Reunion.  It turns out my school district is holding an Administrative Retreat this weekend that I must attend.  I was waiting for a response from my Superintendent whether I needed to attend.  I was holding off responding until I heard back.  Well, the superintendent just got back to me saying this weekend is mandatory for all school administrators.  I hope everyone has a fun time and I will be thinking of you all.  Tell David Chapman he will have to give me a grand tour of the renovated theater sometime when I am up in Pittsfield.  My uncle still lives in Richmond, MA so I do still have ties. 


I hope we will be able to get email addresses of everyone who attends. Make sure you post pictures on the Web site too.  I would like to keep in touch even though I can’t be there.  If anyone is in the Malvern, PA area please look me up.  My home is always open.


Thank you Reunion Committee for working so hard to plan this event.  Even though I can’t be there, I know everyone will have a fantastic time.  Best of luck and I will make sure I attend the next one- 45th or 50th


Valerie Novick Nartowicz

Malvern, PA 19355

Contact_FirstName: Christopher

Contact_LastName: Healy

Contact_MiddleInitial: P


Contact_Spouse: Brenda Marchell (class of 69)

Contact_City: Glenwood

Contact_State: MD

Contact_ZipCode: 21738








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