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Please enjoy the Pittsfield historical material that has been collected to date.  More content is needed!  Any memories, photos, whatever…?  Please send them to the webmaster

Our 50th Reunion was September 9, 2017


Our 55th Reunion - Looking at the weekend of September 16 - 19, 2022

Depending on interest, it may be combined with PHS 1966 56th reunion Sept. 18 at the Proprietor's Lodge, The former ITAM on the shore of Pontoosuc Lake.


I've left the 50th information below for you to reminisce. Several classmates RIP since then.


Jiminy Peak


Friday, SATURDAY, Sunday
September 8, 9, 10, 2017

Current info:

50th Reunion information,
Invitation and Reply PDF file for 50th Anniversary Reunion - here
Photos are in PDF files, these files will take several minutes to download!

Photos from 50th, Friday evening at Bousquet - here

Photos from 50th, Saturday evening at Jiminy - here

Photos from 50th, Sunday morning at Berkshire Carousel - here 


Attendees for 45th reunion and links to photos


1967 Dome yearbook added to this site – see link below



For more info:

Contact Jim Wiehl


Reunion photos from the past needed. If you have some, please email them to me! - Clark


List of missing classmates below!



Please help us keep our database of class members current. 
If your Email or residence information has changed please Email Jim Wiehl
or fill out the form that is available. 
Thank you.

But first, you gotta get these!


Jim Shulman (of Jim's House of Shoes and the Carousel project) has a wonderful Pittsfield retrospect books, look here


·        History of Pittsfield High School here

·        Information form for the class database (mentioned above)

·        1967 St Joe yearbook (Thanks Christine Anne Zaccari!)

·        1967 Dome and Supplement – from the CD offered below (NEW Oct 2007)

·        SJHS 1964 Photo book - Thanks to Bill Ruprecht (NEW January 2007)

·        NJHS 1964 Photo book - Thanks to David A. Carmel (NEW January 2007)

·        Allendale Elementary 1961 Yearbook - Thanks to David A. Carmel (NEW Feb 2007)

·        CJHS 1964 Photo book - The Crosby Photo book is still needed if there is such an item.  Please let the webmaster know if you have a copy.

·        List of Missing Classmates (as of March 2012)

·        PHS 1967 has a FREE Yahoo discussion group, join here no longer used.

·        PHS Class of 1967 yearbook on CD information

·        Sample CD yearbook demo file (30MB)

·        Please enter your comments in our new guestbook no longer used.

·        Louis Massery Scholarship Fund

·        List of past reunions - dates and places

·        Attendees of 2003 reunion (35th), past reunions

·        Attendees of 2007 reunion (40th), photos of 2007 reunion

·        Attendees and photos of 2012 reunion (45th), details of 2012 reunion

·        Group photo at 30th reunion, 1997

·        Other Old Photographs, (Please submit more to me)

·        Dawes Elementary School photos

·        High School alumni directory information

·        Remember when…  -  more fun

·        School 1967 vs. 2007 – joke?

·        The actual PHS website is here

·        Links to our classmates’ sites

·        Links to other sites

·        Join a (very cool) PHS Alumni site here

·        Berkshire Historical Photos here

·        Join Facebook groups search for “Pittsfield High School class of 1967” and “Pittsfield Back in the Day” Have fun, participate!



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