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In my correspondence with the class of 1968, a demand for replacement yearbooks is a popular item.  Sue Pomerantz was the In General Business Manager and now an award winning TV producer.



This is Sue's message:


Little did I know that when I agreed to be the Business Manager of our PHS Newspaper, IN GENERAL that I would be pressed into service 35 years later for the Yearbook. Was this like being appointed to the Supreme Court...for life? Okay all you PHS General fans, here's the scoop: I have been in touch with a company that will put our Yearbook on CD-DROM They will take a yearbook and put EVERY page on CD-ROM with many features. Here are some of the things they promise:

Zoom Up To 1600% - You'll Be Able To Read Every Word of Text.

Put your cursor in the area you wish to zoom and Click

Stunning Photo Quality, Zoom-In / Zoom-Out Several Ways:

Presets Buttons, Magnifying Glass, Preset Dropdown Boxes, Variable Magnification, Easily Pan Anywhere On A Document With Click And Drag High Quality Photo Enhancements (Easily See Small Pictures Like Group Photos, Etc.)

Yes, you can scroll through the pages of your high school years on your home computer or God forbid, put them on your widescreen TV. The cost will be $29.95 each (Plus $5.95 shipping and handling unless they are delivered in bulk to our reunion site) We need a minimum of 20 orders. If we can get that many people committed then we can start the ball in motion. I will get in touch with the 1968 reunion committee to see how we should proceed but I wanted to get this info

to you before you spend endless hours and money trying to get this done.

I love reading the emails from everyone. It has brought back all kinds of memories. Lynn Dugan and I were just reminiscing about getting thrown out of chemistry class because we couldn't stop laughing when Mr. Leahy's dentures fell out. Ah, the good old days


Sue P.